3 main reasons why Sisway is different from other travel blogs

3 main reasons why Sisway is different from other travel blogs

It’s a family blog


This is what we build on. We are two sisters, very different inside, but still with the same background. Our differences make us a stronger team and our similarities connects us in a another way. We are differentiating from other blogs because we won’t break up as a couples who travel and write about that. We will not fight and separate because we have family connection. Stronger than any other. We all know that most of the successful businesses are mostly family ones.


We don’t travel from leisure purposes, we explore and observe.

That is the main point of our travels. Sisway doesn’t go to countries to lay on the beach and chill, doing nothing. We come from our adventures more tired physically than we were leaving. We use night buses to get to another cities, we walk all days, just to enjoy to the fullest because our time is limited. Very important to mention is that the only limited source we have is TIME. We do not let ourselves to limit because of money. It is something what is necessary when you go abroad, but we never look at the prices. We aren’t wasteful and we don’t spend for stupidities, but when it comes to comfort (it can be a 5* hotel or a tent at the beach) and health we always chose the best option. Health comes first.


It’s not just the Travel blog, Sisway connects cultures.


We create multicultural friendship from every trip we have, bring new recipes to our kitchen, and open minds in every way possible. We destroy fear from the BIG World and break the prejudices of religions, races, social classes, poverty… We are trying to leave a piece of our heart everywhere we go, and touch everyones heart by our kindness. Sisway is trying to make an impact on spreading international love.



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