How much costs one month in Cambodia?

How much costs one month in Cambodia?

Last year we visited developing Cambodia which has not developed tourism yet. We enjoyed it full of breaths and with full bellies. How much have we spent? What is the cheapest and the most expensive in Cambodia? What to invest in? You will learn in this article.


Until you get a ticket, you won’t go anywhere!

The truth of future and current travelers. Until you buy tickets, your travel dreams remain only dreams, not goals. Once you have your ticket purchased, everything with planning is much more conscious. In South-East Asian countries, flights are generally the most expensive item. As we do not travel in the style of “Here is a cheap ticket, let’s go there!” but according to where the intuition is directing us. We bought the airfares to Cambodia for EUR 565 per person. So we only paid for the airplane EUR 1 130.

However, the tickets were bought much earlier than the time of departure, so we were able to save on the “pocket”. High ticket prices can discourage you from the beginning, but do not let it! The first step is always the hardest … for everything.


Accommodation of all classes

We spent the exact month in Cambodia from the end of January to the end of February 2017. During these days, we moved to a tent in the lonely beach, nomadic hostels, hotel rooms and apartments. The cost of this accommodation ranged from € 2.50 / 1 person (tent) to € 12.50 / 1 person (apartment). With accommodation it is best to travel two. You always buy the whole room, not the bed. So if you’re not only in hostels, you’re always paying for bedding.

We decided the last week not to write a “spending report” and we’ve spent almost everything we left behind. Anyway, this is also the thing we recommend to try 🙂 Great freedom from money and understanding that, as the money goes, so will come! We know how much our accommodation costs during the first three weeks: 314 euros (2 persons / 3 weeks)


If you are unvaccinated, eat in the restaurant!

One of the things we have already learned from Bali is the hygiene of catering facilities in Southeast Asia. Both of us prefer to eat in “clean” kitchens, like street stands. However, it is also important to note that hygiene in this area is incomparable with Europe. Some restaurants can look really clean in front, but as soon as you reach  kitchen, you will see that Cambodians prepare your food on the ground and things the like …

Anyway, we’ve also tried some street food as well as luxury food. Sometimes we have been on a soup and a fruit all day, because you do not like to eat when it is so hot, or we ate four courses, because it’s a “eating a lot time”. So, in Cambodia, three weeks we literally eaten 467, 60 euros (2 people), including a drinking regime and eating at all airports.


To infinity and beyond!

As you may notice, when traveling we never stay in one destination, not in one hotel. Neither Cambodia was an exception. We rode through traditional tuk-tuk, boats, scooters, buses and even luxury night buses. If you are traveling with the intention of staying in one place, you will save on this item. However, we have gone over to half of Cambodia twice. When you are in a foreign country and have a limited time, you don’t give a f*ck, you pack things, and you go … because you never have to have a chance again. That is why we have returned to some places in Cambodia again.

We have spent 269.22 euros (2 people) for traveling in the country.


“Mandatory” in a foreign country

There are always more interesting people and the beauty of nature for us, not tourist attractions, but we always say that we have to see the “mandatory” things. So we were in Ankhor Wat, one of the wonders of the world, for a nasty 74 euros / person, or we were swimming at night with plankton for 10 euros / 2 people. We made a boat trip along the River Kampot, etc.

Of course, you can not come home without souvenirs, just as you do not forgive throwing coins, and sometimes even banknotes to street musicians, because when you are traveling you feel so grateful for everything that you want to give other … you also get some massage, two or three because here they are willing to give you a massage by rubbing your skin for the really tiny money … and so the amount similar to the previous one is gradually packed.


How much did Cambodia cost?

It was magical 2180.82 euros / 2 people / 3 weeks, we did not plan any lowcosts, we allowed what we just wanted and we did not limit ourselves at all. However, add the last week, when we did not mark the expenses, about 500 euros and the “mandatory ride”, and it can calmly get higher to 3,000 euros. In any case, 1 person stood a month in Cambodia at 1,500 euros, of which more than a third was a ticket.

We match each one: We don’t regret neither a cent spent in Cambodia nor a cent spent during traveling. It’s the best investment. Maybe we will write about it in next article … 🙂


Photos from Cambodia  HERE.








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  • Aho baby, super fotky aj napady, odporucila mi vas kamoska Natalka…mam jednu otazocku, mate niekde zverejneny planik, ze ako a kadial ste sli? Len tak pre zaujimavost 🙂
    Vdaka pekne. Sima

    • Ahoj. No áno, je to rôzne, ale keď vieš dátum, kedy máš voľno v práci, veľmi si z tých leteniek nenavyberáš 🙂 Ale súhlasím s tým rozmedzím čo si napísal, aj keď osobne som ešte nenatrafila na jednosmernú letenku do Thajska za 150. 🙂 Cez čo letenky vyhľadávaš ty, prosím?

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