About us

Everyones life is different. According to someone special, complicated, difficult, weird. Anyway, it is full of coincidences or faiths and one of such a fatal coincidence is the fact that we are sisters. Nika and Skarlet. The soul of each of us was wandering from life to life until we were born under the one roof and shared common life until these days. Occasionally difficult, but mostly beautiful. We will tell you the secret:


Life is the way you do it.

We are trying to live successfully in the all areas. Every day we have stronger feeling that we should share it not just between two of us but also with others. With those who have such energy as we have but also with those who are unconsciously scared to travel or to live in the full meaning.
We are from the middle south of Slovakia. From small city called Lucenec. The town where are just bars, Chinese shops and game rooms is known for its stone flowers or homeless Jesus. Typical Slovak town but for us also hometown which set up the core of who we are now. So who are we? Two sisters from which one finished studies and moved to Bucharest in Romania and second one is finishing university studies right now. Sometimes we have to merge more days into one and in these times the best memories and the biggest miracles are created. Exactly those moments which we are going to share with you.

 Sisway is the map of our journeys but also the way how we look on life. Special, complicated, surprising, difficult. Anyway, it is full of coincidences or faith and one of such a fatal coincidence is #SISWAY.


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